Spearheading the
new media landscape

Brand Union Stockholm is a design- and brand development studio founded in 1996. Back then we were pioneers of how to create business value with design. These days, we are creating value through relevant brand assets that spearheads the new media landscape.

We believe in high value talent. That’s why we only hire the sharpest and most gifted minds that can create superior value for clients. Nevertheless, we are well welded family, with a mix of visionaries and pragmatics creating sprawling and curios agency culture - eager to achieve the very best.

Our work is scientifically based and insight driven. Both in our strategy department and in our design studio. But we work hard to create big emotions. And we make it happen together with our clients through collaboration, iteration, inspiration and with uncompromising support for the people we work for.

Office hours:
mon–fri 9–17
Reception: +46(0)8 410 981 00

Jakobsgatan 6
SE-114 80 Stockholm

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